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We collaborate with companies and SMEs to assist them with software, tools, and hardware.

By choosing ID LOGIC as your technology partner, we ensure that all IT systems, including infrastructure, server, desktop and network functions, deliver optimal performance to facilitate the continuity of your business operations.

We help manage the hardware in our clients’ networks and are able to reduce the risk and mitigate the effects, both operational and financial, of unplanned outages while maintaining optimal availability.

We maximize productivity by:

  • Detecting and preventing problems before they occur

  • Taking a proactive approach to security and data to ensure optimal performance

  • Maximizing the efficiency of your infrastructure with monitoring tools

  • Saving you time and money so you can invest energy and resources where they are most needed

Computer repair

Your one-stop shop for computer and laptop repairs of all kinds

ID LOGIC technicians offer a full range of computer and laptop repair services to businesses. We employ experienced technicians who have acquired several professional qualifications in computer and laptop repair.

We have expertise in both hardware and software systems. We aim to resolve all hardware, software and display issues, and our goal is to provide excellent customer service and involve our customers in the repair process.


Our enterprise security tools give you all the top-notch virus protection you expect from our products.

ID Logic offers scalable and customizable solutions that keep you one step ahead of any threat. Get the level of protection that’s right for your business and protect your endpoints, your data and your business users. Our platform offers customizable security solutions that are easy to manage from a cloud console.

of cameras

We offer the service of installation of security cameras. We can also advise you on the purchase of security cameras.

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Outsourcing of computer equipment
/ Management

IT outsourcing and IT asset management are services that allow companies to entrust the management of their IT infrastructure to specialized service providers.

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We offer the creation of personalized Web sites under WordPress DIVI as well as hosting services with our Quebec partner. Our websites are 100% easy to use.

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Office 365

Rethink productivity with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams

Office 365 is a service from Microsoft that gives users access to a full suite of cloud-based productivity applications. These include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher and Access, as well as services such as Skype Enterprise, OneDrive and SharePoint.

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